Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nine be Sokona!

Welp, I know I tend to write once a week, but today was such an interesting day, I felt like writing a blog about it. So that you know, I am somewhat copying 2 journal entries, a letter, and writing a stream of thought. As for the title of today's post, you will learn what that means in due time (be patient, its one of today's topics)

This morning (Loosely copied from a letter to my amazing friend. Speaking of letters, if you want me to write you one, let me know, give me your address, and I will write you a letter as soon as possible!)
Today I visited my school with my Nene. She says its within walking distance, which sounds like an amazing idea, but also a horrible idea. We spoke with the director, and I am now properly enrolled at Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart!) I'm also going to wear two uniforms: On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I will wear a bright sky-blue dress (I'm wearing a dress, becuase apperantly, I'm not capable of using a wrap skirt :P) and on Thursdays and Friday, I'm going to wear a light chocolate-brown dress. I will recieve my uniforms school schedule next week, but so far, I know that I will study Math for 8 hours every week, Physics/Chemistry for 6 hours, and I will take Spanish (Cuz the kids doing German will be too advanced) as well as Drawing classes and ...MUSIC CLASSES (YEAH BOII!!) I'm pumped for my music classes :D

This afternoon, pretty early (Copied from a journal entry)
This afternoon was the first time Mali made me sick (I've been here for 2 weeks). It was horrible. My stomach hurt like hell and I swear I know what contractions feel like now and even though I felt like I had to go to the bathroom, I couldn't go. My skin, especially my arms, felt like it was on fire, but was cool to the touch. And the strangest thing was that even though I was sweating buckets, it wasn't salty at all. I know because some of that sweat ran into my mouth and it had a very Very watery taste. I felt terribly weak the whole time, but I finally got some Pepto Bismol and Ibuprofen in my system. Now, I feel as healthy as a horse! (This is a side note, I have just decided that I'm going to marry Ibuprofen <3)

Late in the afternoon/Early in the Evening (Copied from a journal entry)
So, as the title says, this evening, Nene and I recieed a surprise visitor, a little gray rat. Nene saw him first, and then we both saw him again. Thats when Nene gave off a series of yells. Don't get me wrong, journal, I was freaking out, too. I didn't want the rat to bit my feet, and eat my toes. Nene was more scared though, as she was being vocal, and I wasn't. So I offered to go find Isuf since he wasn't answering Nene's calls. Thats when I learned the phrase "Nine be Sokona!" (There's a) Rat in the House! In the end, we didn't find the rat, but we did turn the living room upside down. (Its clean now).

Tonight (Stream of thought)
So I'm sitting here, staring at my bag of water (becuase bags are so much cooler than bottles) my ibuprofen and pepto bismol, just waiting for my stomach to start hurting, cuz Asetu made salad for dinner, and nene only took a little bit and told me the rest was mine and me being the greedy girl that I am, I went and ate everything she didn't eat. This included lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, boiled eggs, lime, olive oil, and onions. And I'm staring at my medication becuase im convinced that this afternoon's episode was becase I ate something off yesterday and today is the first day I eat any vegetables here in Mali and my friends have said that eating fruits and veggies in africa made them kinda sick so i'm worried about my poor tummy right now (actually, i've eating fried plantain here, as well as fried potatoes and fried sweet potatoes and FRIED PLANTAIN IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE i say this from experience becuase i've eaten them a hundred of times before at home although my mom prefers boiling it because its healthier but here in africa everything is fried AND OHMYGOD fried plantaine is heaven. Again I speak from experience not from just one taste anyhoo the point is, i've eaten veggies before, just not raw, but now, getting back on track) I'm sitting here, staring at my water, pills, and pepto bismol and I swear (wallahi guys) if i even think i need to use the toilet i'm running to the bathroom like my ass is on fire, downing that pepto bismol like my entire life depends on that pink liquid, taking my ibuprofen like there's no tomorrow, and drinking my bag of water like a begger stuck in the desert. So far though, my stomach has not complained. I even ate half a cob of burn corn (it was rather good actually) and I still feel fine. Hooray for no pain :D

Anyhoo, thats it for today, until the next time! A bien tot!

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