Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wedding Tomorrow Wedding Tomorrow!!!

AKNDNANDIADNA'DHEINAI3 K\474E[PA78EJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm super duper uber hella mella mad excited cuz tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow there's gonna be a wedding and its gonna be biiiiig and its gonna take all dayyy and I have pretty Malian clothing and the clothe matches my mom's outfit but our models are different and my hands have Henna and OMG its sooo pretty. The henna here is different though. I'm used to Middle Eastern henna, which is this green pastey substance that when it dries, flakes off and leaves the skin stained with a reddish/brown color. The henna here, is black, for one, like a gel, and gets washed off when it dries. There is also a ver red henna which was even more like gel. That went on my hands. My mom got a different sort of henna though. While I had a guy using drawing designs on my hands with henna, my mom had a woman who was applying tape to her feet, palms and finger tips, in geometrical patterns. Then, she applied henna to these areas, but this henna was green, and like clay. The lady used her fingers to mold the henna to my moms feet, palm and fingertips, then covered them with plastic bags to let them dry. Later (like hours later) the henna got scraped off with a large knife, and the tape got taken off. So most of the foot had red henna, and where the tape was, there was unstained skin. Another powder was then applied to the foot (mixed with water, its grey, and kinda looks like ashes) and when this was later taken off (plastic bags for another 2 hours) the henna then looks black. Its really interesting, cuz the henna goes over the fingernails too, and then its like nail polish. I don't have henna on my nails though, just the top of my hands going down to each of the finger until it reaches the nail and then going up my wrist stopping halfway up my elbow. Anyhoo, thats the henna. As I said, I got traditional Malian clothing, and the clothe matches my mom. We both went in and got measured (Found that my body is kinda hourglass shaped ;] )  My mom and I got different models of clothing though, she has a looser and long shirt, with sleaves whereas mine is tighter, shorter, has no sleeves, and it has a collar-like thing going around the neck. My mom also got her hair done, and is gonna get a lot of makeup done too. Tomorrow, I'm waking up at 7, because the signing is happening at 9. Here, people sign a book, to officiate the marriage. Anyhoo, thats that. As you can tell, I'm super duper excited, cuz I feel like a real Malian now, which is pretty cool, if ya ask me. I'm going to bring my camera and flipcam to take pictures and record videos. It will be really cool to have souvenirs of that.
Anyhoo, school gets better and better, and I understand a lot more. Its getting easier to take notes too, thank goodness. I'm making more friends, and my old friendships are getting stronger. I'm starting to build a harem of boys...A dream come true! Haha, outside the school, there are ladies who sell drinks and food, so during break or after school, I can get something to eat or drink, which is nice. There have been a couple of schedule changes for me. Spanish, on Tuesdays, has been moved from 15 hours-1700 to 1300-1500 which means I have to eat lunch at school, but then I get out early and I'm done for the day. Also, starting next November, I will be having tests every other Wednesday afternoon switching off from Math to Phsyics/Chemistry. I get off early on Thursday, but again, soon I will have the option to come back to school to participate in sporty activities (or cultural activities, apperently) or just watch. Monday and Friday continue to be full day, normal schedule. I'm starting to miss my school. I never realized how...liberating it was to be able to think outside the box. Here, teachers expect you to learn material the way the present it to you. They not only tell you WHAT to do, they tell you HOW to do it. I have since decided that I hate Hate HATE being told how to do things. Which sucks for me. But it has me appreciating American education all that much more. I can't wait to take my education into my own hands again. Welp, I gotta get off the computer, cuz my brother is standing behind me, rocking the chair, threatening to spill me off of it if I don't give it to him NOW I miss everybody until next weekend!!
Au revoir <3


  1. Super henna!! Jeez, you're doing everything!! I'm so jelous. I miss you tons! Don't hurt yourself falling off chairs, okay? LOVE YOUUU! Bibi! <3 <3

  2. Como estubo la boda? bailaste mucho?
    lavate las manos cuando vas al baƱo, .....never mind las hennas