Saturday, May 7, 2011

I love Natalie Zyfers, because she is Yummy...AND SO IS KENYA!!!

Hi guys :)
I thought I'd spice things up by concentrating on Kenya today, because I got new pictures about the college we'd be staying at :D

Isn't the campus so pretty? We'll be staying in their dorms for the entire months, although we'll be doing homestays for two weekends! In Kenya, I will help college students create ads that promote being good citizens, as well as learn Swahili (Hakuna Matata <3) and go on Safaris!  As you guys can see, this week's shout out goes to miss Natalie Zyfers, because she requested one. So she gets gold stars too, because she made me feel special :D (HINT HINT GUYS I TAKE REQUESTS hehe) I think that next week, I shall upload pictures of Bamako!
P.S Natalie? Can we run through the halls belting songs again?? I miss doing that with you :3

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