Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mad Excited For Dis Hella Filthy Kenya Trip (I Love New York, too)

So this weekend, I was in the Capital of the US of A, preparing for my KENYA trip <3 I met 10 New Yorkers, and got mad close to my Seattle group. And I have to say, I'm in love with every single last person going to Kenya. They're all really friendly, sweet, funny, and just plain amazing. 27 days in Kenya? Please, its going to be a party :D
For those of you who are interested (and for those of you who aren't :P), my schedule in DC was crazy, but very fun too :) We left for DC on Wednesday at 11:30 pm and arrived at our hotel around 11:00am on Thursday (forgive me if I'm wrong) A couple of hours later, we met our New York counterpart (yay) and had dinner at TGIF (it was Thursday NOT friday, which kinda upset me, but oh well) Went to bed mad late, and woke up on Friday for a hectic day. FIRST, we met up with the Foreign Affairs Committee, specifically, the subcommittee on Africa (I know you know you're jealous) THEN, we met up with the Kenya Ambassador for the United States and the United States Ambassador for Kenya. They were really down to earth and terribly friendly. We ran late, so we skipped lunch at World Bank, although we met several employees there. Finally, we met with some staff from the Department of State. We had pizza for dinner, and a mad pool party. (SOOOO MUCH FUN I LOVE ME SOME NEW YORKERS)
On Saturday, we had a bunch of technology Training seccions, and we learned about creating advertisements, being culturaly competent, globalization, and more mind blowing topics :/ We ate dinner at the union station, and celebrated Ikram's prom because she missed her prom to come learn with us (SNAPS TO THAT) ooph thats about it, sunday we recapped a bit, and then we traveled home <3
This blog's shout out goes to 3 people: Khyree Smith (my big bro, even though he's younger than me >:[ ) Dre Ware, my oh so lovely twinnie <3 and Tyler Ware, who got stuck being my cousin (but deep down inside he loves me :] ) Unfortunately, I left my camera at home, which means I didn't take any pics D: but I think Nicollette took a bunch, so if its okay with her, I'll post them up as soon as she posts them up, I will too (and I will give her MAD photo creds :l] )
AIYOOOO (fellow betans, is that how you spell it?) a.k.a BYEEEEEEEEEE <3

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